Spring News!

Hello all!
I have some exciting springtime news to share!
-First of all, I’d like to thank Clean River for their wonderful donation of four beautiful collection bins. We cannot wait to put these bins around the community! Any suggestions regarding where the bins could be placed in Brooklyn are more than welcome!
-Secondly, I’d like to thank P.S. 206, The Horace Harding School in Queens, for hosting the first ever PJ’s for Patients dress down day! The school raised close to $200, and for that I am very grateful and excited. A special shoutout must be given to Principal Thomas for organizing the event, as well as to her daughter Emily for suggesting our charity for the fundraiser! 🙂
-Thirdly, I am ecstatic to say that my own high school, Fontbonne Hall Academy, has paired up with PJ’s for Patients!! I have recently co-founded Fontbonne’s DoSomething.org club. Do Something is a charity that empowers young people to make a difference in their communities by doing something that matters! In our club, we will be organizing both Do Something campaigns and independent projects to engage young people in both the school and local community. Out first project is PJ’s for Patients, and we’ll be hosting a PJ dress-down on April 4th! I also wanted to thank the 70+ Bonnies who joined the Do Something Club! We appreciate it tremendously, girls!!

-Athena xx

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