Deliveries #3 and #4! And our intro to the Ronald McDonald House!

Joanie and I at the Ronald McDonald House
My friend, Joanie, (left) and me (right) at the Ronald McDonald House of NYC.

This past Friday, the 18th, was a very exciting day for PJ’s for Patients! With the help of my lovely best friend, Joanie, we completed our third and fourth deliveries in just one day! Our first delivery was to our old friend, Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Pediatrics Department. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to deliver 26 100% cotton pajamas, 18 books, 2 toys, and 1 scrapbook!
Our second delivery was to a new collaborator- the Ronald McDonald House of NYC! The Ronald McDonald House is an organization that “provides a temporary ‘home-away-from-home’ for pediatric cancer patients and their families” ( Pediatric patients seeking hospital treatments away from home are welcomed with open arms to the RMH, which provides extraordinary living facilities, including impeccable bedrooms, playrooms, fully stocked pantries and kitchens, living rooms, and a plethora of other resources for little or no cost to the families it helps.
I am so incredibly excited to be working with such a beautiful and homey place. About three years ago,I completed my Girl Scout Silver Award by collecting toys, crayons, stuffed toys, candy, and books and assembling Easter baskets for the children of the Ronald McDonald House and their families. After the baskets were completed, I distributed them in the RMH cafeteria, where I was able to speak with and meet so many happy, optimistic children. Ever since that visit, I’ve wanted to become more involved with this fantastic and life changing organization.
And I am so excited that PJ’s for Patients has finally been able to become involved!!! This past Friday, Joanie and I delivered 27 pajamas, 19 books, and 2 movies. We’re looking forward to a lasting relationship with the Ronald McDonald House. I encourage you to learn more about this fantastic organization here: As the House provides many living essentials, like canned food and soap, to its guests, it is always in need of donations. Contact the Ronald McDonald House if you’d like to help contribute to its food pantry, or if you’d like to help in any other way. It is most definitely worth your consideration.
Have a fabulous week!
-Athena Sofides 🙂

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