Happy Halloween!

TP Pumpkin Patch!

Hope you had a fantastic Halloween! We have some exciting updates and news for this new month!

  • Our TP Pumpkin Patch is still going strong! We are now selling our handmade pumpkins, made of toilet paper wrapped with fall-colored fabric, in both locations of GPM Pediatrics, Fort Hamilton Chiropractic, and Vavas Insurance! We are so  happy to be working with these awesome local businesses! Please stop byany of these locations to pick up 1 pumpkin for $6 or 2 for $10 through the end of November. All proceeds will benefit This Star Won’t Go Out, which provides financial assistance for families dealing with pediatric cancer.
  • Our Halloween pumpkin sale was also a hit! We sold TP pumpkins to some Trick or Treaters with the help of some fantastic volunteers, including my friend Joanie, my Mom (decked out in a fancy top hat), and even Yiayia and Papou, my grandparents who stopped by to help! The sale was successful and filled with Halloween spirit!
  • We are in the midst of planning some November deliveries to Memorial Sloan-Kettering and the Ronald McDonald House, which will be in the next couple of weeks! Also, we’re working on delivering to a new partner, New York Presbyterian!
Momma helping with the fundraiser in her glorious top hat!
Joanie by our TP table!
Trick or Treat!
  • I’m humbled to say that DoSomething.org, the incredible youth empowerment organization, wrote a great post about us on Facebook! With their help, our Facebook page received a wonderful amount of new attention, and we’re now in the process of planningsome PJ dress downs and fundraisers to take place across the country! Thanks to all of our new fans and viewers! Of course, if you ever want to plan a fundraiser or host a dress down, please either comment on our blog or contact us through Facebook. We are always open to new ideas, thoughts, or suggestions for collaborators as well!
  •  Also, our friends at This Star Won’tGo Out are hosting an Indiegogo campaign this month! Participants will receive awesome (and I mean DFTBA awesome) perks upon donating money and selecting the award of their choice. TSWGO aims to reach $5,000, which will help at least 5 families dealing with pediatric cancer! Fantastic prizes include signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars and This Star Won’t Go Out, TSWGO bowties, and signed Hanklerfish postcards by Hank Green himself! Please check their Indiegogo campaign and donate what you can! 🙂