CAC2 and Pajama Brownies/Daisies!


Hello all! It’s been a little while since our last post, so a preliminary HAPPY NEW YEAR is overdue! I have some exciting news and updates to share with you!

Our local little Girl Scouts, Daisy Troop 2397 and Brownie Troop 2736, not only looked adorable and had fun this December- they also collected pajamas for the children of the Ronald McDonald House! These girls have a history of doing good; in November, I came to speak with them about why leadership has no age, and to not accept people who tell them that they are too young to make a difference, an idea about which they were very excited but already confident! Immediately after listening so intently to my presentation about my experience with community service, from my hat and bracelet sales seven years ago to PJ’s for Patients today, the girls excitedly ran off to tables covered with mounds of cold cuts and loaves of bread and began to make sandwiches for the homeless, which were to be delivered that night. I was asked to speak at their meeting, but ultimately the girls inspired me!unnamed-1

During the Girl Scouts’ final meeting before Christmas and their holiday break, Brownies and Daises arrived carrying bags of wonderful new pajama donations, clad in pajamas of their own. The cute pictures show the girls’ enthusiasm and success- their generous donations (almost 100 total jammies!) will benefit the Ronald McDonald House! We look forward to collaborating with these cuties again in the near future; they’re passionate, caring, and smart, and have already started to be fantastic leaders. I also would like to thank Mrs Kali Gabriel, the troop leader who not only organized this event but has been a great supporter of PJ’s for Patients for a long time!

And for the next bit of news: CAC2!! PJ’s for Patients is now officially a member organization of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer! CAC2 is a grassroots organization that aims to raise awareness of childhood cancer by combining forces to advocate, assist, and inform. Childhood cancer, although strikingly prevalent and dear to many people’s hearts, is an unfortunately overlooked issue as far as money for research and support are concerned. CAC2 teams up with cancer organizations of small, medium, and large scopes to strengthen the voice of childhood cancer by uniting passionate individuals who want to make a difference for those living with cancer, as well as for their families. We are so excited to be a part of this incredible organization, which reminds us how important it is to attach to causes bigger than ourselves to maximize our potential. A special shout-out to Lori Earl, head of This Star Won’t Go Out (TSWGO), who told me about this phenomenal cause and encouraged PJ’s for Patients to apply!

We also have a new email,, for those interested in hosting a fundraiser or pajama-related event, or becoming involved in any way.

Have a great remainder of your week! 🙂