Second Annual TP Pumpkin Patch Has Grown!

Happy fall!


It’s that lovely time of year again: the air is getting brisk, the leaves are starting to crinkle, the farmers’ markets are filled with autumnal delights, and the PJ’s for Patients Toilet Paper Pumpkin Patch has been harvested for the second year in a row!

What are toilet paper pumpkins, you ask? Crafted with recycled scraps of unique fall-themed fabric, TP pumpkins are the perfect way to add some festive seasonal decor to your home, dorm, classroom, or workspace while raising awareness of pediatric cancer! All of the money raised from our TP Pumpkin Patch fundraiser will be used to purchase new, 100% cotton pajamas for children and young adults receiving cancer treatments in hospitals away from home. It’s getting cold out, and it’s a perfect time to buy our cozy winter-themed pajamas for the next few months’ deliveries. Another plus of owning a TP Pumpkin is that you’ll never run out of toilet paper! If the situation gets dire, you will always have an extra roll nearby! 🙂

Individual pumpkins are $6. But there’s a super special sale: 2 for $10!! If you are interested in purchasing a pumpkin, or if you’d like to plant a TP Pumpkin Patch in your school, business, or workplace, please comment below or email me, Athena, at

Have a wonderful day! xx

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month


Exploring Esther Earl’s phenomenal story of love, acceptance, perseverance, kindness, and wisdom in the face of great challenges is a beautiful way to recognize the start of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Although she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the early age of 12, Esther continued to not only live fully and happily but to provide joy, humor, and friendship to those who loved (and continue to love) her. Esther’s enlightened, precociously profound words live on in the pages of her book, This Star Won’t Go Out, the jubilance of her whimsical YouTube videos, the elegance of The Fault in Our Stars, which she helped to inspire, and the hearts of the many people who, in a multitude of ways, have been touched by her lovely spirit. The TSWGO book and charity, founded by Esther’s family, perpetuate the beauty of Esther’s life in its financial support of families dealing with pediatric cancer. PJ’s for Patients is a proud friend of This Star Won’t Go Out, and we would like to remember Esther and every pediatric cancer patient during this important month.
This photo was taken almost one year ago when PJ’s for Patients collaborated with TSWGO! We hope to work together again in the very near future!