PJ4P Table at the Narrows Botanical Garden Fall Festival

Happy Fall!


Autumn is in the air, and PJ’s for Patients celebrated the season’s marvelous beauty at the Narrows Botanical Garden Fall Festival this past Sunday, October 11th, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn! Hosted in the gorgeous Narrows Botanical Garden, the Fall Festival was a communion of artists, artisans, costumed canines (in an extremely adorable Canine Costume Parade), locally grown food, organizations, friends, Bay Ridge locals, and welcomed visitors!

This fundraiser was organized, orchestrated, and run by Luke Bantis, Poly Prep senior and the brains behind PJ’s for Patients! Two years ago, Luke and I were talking about the influence and potential of young people to organize their communities to make social change, and Luke had a wonderful idea about collecting pajamas for children with cancer. Everyone has and outgrows pajamas, so the idea of collecting new and gently used pajamas was not only exciting but extremely feasible!  It was from Luke that I was inspired to write the Scholastic grant that was selected as a first place national winner and founded PJ’s for Patients as an organization!

Luke has been involved with PJ’s for Patients since before its inception! From assisting with deliveries to Memorial Sloan-Kettering and the Ronald McDonald House to putting his folding skills to the test at PJ delivery prep sessions to organizing several Brooklyn fundraisers and spreading awareness of the prevalence of childhood cancer, Luke is an integral part of this organization! PJ4P would like to thank him for finding out about the Fall Festival and setting up a wonderful fundraiser, and for being such a good representative of who we are and what we do!


The PJ’s for Patients booth sold TP pumpkins as well as my Athena’s Owl crocheted hats! It was a great success- overall, we raised $500, which will be used to purchase new pajamas for pediatric cancer patients! Being able to meet such a diverse, interesting, and passionate group of festival goers was very refreshing and exciting for me. This past weekend was my fall break, and my first time back home from Smith College since I moved in! I was beyond happy to be able to talk about PJ’s for Patients with people who share a passion for childhood cancer and spread awareness of what we do and the kids and teens we do it for! It was so wonderful seeing some new and some familiar faces, especially those of the volunteers who helped run the PJ’s for Patients booth!

This morning, we made our October PJ delivery of 64 pairs of kids’ and teens’ 100% cotton pajamas to our friends at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Pediatrics Department! A special thanks to Jessica for coordinating our delivery (as she always does so well)! It was a wonderful way to wrap up a lovely weekend back home in the city.

Here are some pictures from the Festival! Happy browsing! 🙂


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