DGK Parochial School Fundraiser


PJ’s for Patients would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the DGK Parochial School, as well as to its staff, students, alumni, and KAPT (parents’ association). After launching their PJraiser campaign to collect 100% cotton pajamas for local pediatric cancer patients just over two weeks ago, they have already collected a total of over 150 pajamas, 80 of which are teens’ pajamas donated by the school! Although every size is accepted and appreciated, adult sizes for the teens are particularly appreciated and in demand, since we tend to collect more children’s sizes in our collaborative fundraisers.

We are so extremely grateful to the incredible support and passion that has been poured out in support of PJ4P from the DGK community! Pictured above and in the gallery below are some of our lovely student, alumni, and parent friends at DGK sorting and folding the donations at a PJ prep session!

The DGK School will be collecting 100% cotton pajamas throughout the remainder of the year- please bring all donations to the collection bin in the lobby at the side of the entrance! Thank you! 🙂

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