The Recent Adventures of PJ the Sock Monkey

Hello, PJ4P family!

We hope that you’re enjoying a beautiful fall! We wanted to share a few PJ’s updates with you, particularly concerning our cheeky new mascot. He is fluffy, sweet, and can usually be found wearing a pair of pajamas at PJ4P fundraisers and community events. His name is PJ, and he is our sock monkey!

PJ has had an incredibly exciting past couple of weeks. On Friday, November 20th, Fontbonne Hall Academy held its Harvest Happening, a biannual festival to gather community, fundraise for the school, and celebrate the arrival of autumn. This year, PJ’s for Patients collaborated with Fontbonne’s Student Activities Council (SAC) and had a TP pumpkin booth at the fair! PJ was there, along with some very dedicated and passionate Bonnies (Fontbonne students), and the drive was a success! Thanks to the craftsmanship of the Holy Cross Girl Scouts, who helped make this bunch of pumpkins, the Bonnies and Fontbonne faculty who helped to organize and run the booth, and to the community members who came out to support both Fontbonne and PJ4P!

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A few weeks ago, PJ was found in the window of Kaleidoscope Toy Store in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn! He was a crucial and adorable part of Kaleidoscope’s October window display, which highlighted their collaboration with us. We would like to thank Kaleidoscope for their support through their successful TP pumpkin sale!

PJ the Sock Monkey in the window of Kaleidoscope Toy Store in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn!

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