Morgan Stanley Delivery and DGK Collaboration


Happy Thursday!

Earlier this week, PJ’s for Patients made our third delivery to the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at New York Presbyterian. Our donation of over 50 pairs of children’s and teens’ pajamas was made possible by our supporters, particularly those who have recently held fundraisers/PJ collections. To our friends at NY Presbyterian: we look forward to working with you again soon! We send our pajamas with love- please enjoy them! 🙂

Earlier this morning, I visited the children of the DGK school during their pre-class morning lineup to talk about PJ’s for Patients: who we are, when and how we were established, and how their continuous support has helped us incredibly over the past few months. The students were very excited about the idea of being community leaders; their interest in learning more about helping their communities was extremely evident, and their enthusiasm about PJ’s for Patients was wonderful to see!

Thanks to DGK for inviting PJ’s for Patients into your community so generously, and for having me over to speak today! PJ4P can’t wait for our February collaboration. 🙂

Have a lovely week,



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