February Festivities


Happy Valentine’s Month!

Daisy Troop 2397 and Brownie Troop 2736, our Brooklyn Girl Scout friends, hosted their second annual winter pajama party last week at their Valentine’s Day meeting! Along with participating in an adorable photoshoot with our mascot, PJ the Sock Monkey, the scouts brought in donations of new, 100% cotton pajamas to benefit the children and young adults receiving cancer treatments in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Pediatrics Department.

PJ4P would like to give our massive thanks to the Holy Cross Girl Scouts, as well as to Mrs Kali Gabriel, who organized the event!

Our DGK fundraiser is still on and doing extremely well- we would like to say a special thanks to Mrs Petalas for her unending support in making this collaboration a success.

Have a lovely day, and as always, please contact PJ4P, either in a comment, on Facebook, or at asofides@smith.edu, if you would like to organize a collaboration!

The Revolution Against Childhood Cancer

Childhood cancer affects thousands of children and young adults in the United States each year, and yet it receives less than 4% of the nearly $5 billion in research dollars allotted to cancer annually. The cancer community is one that is expansive, and vulnerable, and strong, and powerful. Fundraising is important, and service is important, but what we need is to “gather people in the childhood cancer community and in the general public…to start a revolution against childhood cancer.” We can and must use our power as a community to make a REAL difference in the pervasive neglect and biases in the inequitable system of cancer funding. Please add your online signature to this petition to let the National Cancer Institute know that we DEMAND that more funds be allocated to pediatric research (https://www.change.org/p/national-cancer-institute-allocate…).