Links and the Like

Welcome to Links and the Like, a new part of in which we will post links related to our own updates, our collaborators, childhood cancer, and other relevant topics. Click on the blue keywords in each post to be linked to a new and exciting webpage!

The American Cancer Society, which has worked for over 100 years to “save lives and create a world without cancer,” has just added “Childhood Cancer” to its Interest Survey for this year. The ACS is widely known and supported, and has done so much in the fields of cancer research and individual support. However, it is surprising that childhood cancer has not been one of their priorities in their past endeavors. As Brian Rubenstein, ACS Grassroots Director, said of this short survey, “Together, we are convincing lawmakers at every level of government to pass laws and implement policies that move us a step closer to eradicating this terrible disease.” Please cast your vote to show how essential you think pediatric cancer research and support is for this influential organization!

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) patient Tom Gillen made this wonderful video back in August 2014! As he raps his awesome parody of Jay Z’s “Paris”, Tom humorously depicts the typical day of a pediatric cancer patient. Besides being a hilariously cool video, it also brings attention to pediatric cancer, and watching it can broaden one’s perspective about what goes on not only in CHOP but in pediatric cancer hospitals everywhere. Thanks for the great vid, Tom! We hope you feel better soon!

The American Cancer Society has put out its Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts and Figures for 2014-2015. Statistics and information about childhood cancer begin on Page 5 of the document.

CAC2, or the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer, is a grassroots organization that aims to raise awareness of childhood cancer by combining forces to advocate, assist, and inform the public about the issue of pediatric cancer. PJ’s for Patients is proud to be one of its member organizations, which work to fund research, provide support, and spread awareness. Please check out their site!

Kid President, our favorite tiny president, has some wonderful words of encouragement for anybody who needs a pep talk- and we all do sometimes! We’re all on the same team, and it’s our job to work together to make the world better! And remember, “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.” We especially love how Mr President has dedicated this video to his awesome friend Gabbi- “She’s a cool kid, she likes playing games, and she’s fighting cancer- LIKE A BOSS!” Send this video to whoever encourages you!

  • Meet our friends!

PJ’s for Patients is very lucky to have some amazing friends. Our first friend is the Pediatrics Department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. PJ’s for Patients made our very first delivery to MSK on February 19th, 2014, and we have been collaborators ever since! We also love the Ronald McDonald House New York , who we first delivered to this past July. In August 2014, we moved out of the 50 states and brought PJ’s for Patients to Puerto Rico, where we worked with the Hope Lodge-Hogar Ninos Que Quieren Sonreir and the University Pediatric Hospital. Then, this past fall, we made some awesome new Massachusetts  friends- This Star Won’t Go Out, The Jimmy Fund at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Boston Children’s Hospital. Just before the holidays, we made our first delivery to Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at New York Presbyterian! We love our partner organizations and hospitals, and are always looking for new collaborators! Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions!

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