Updates and New Year Wishes


From your friends at PJ’s for Patients, happy New Year!

As we commence and begin to move through 2017, we would like to thank the many generous people, communities, organizations, and hospital departments who volunteered or organized with us, or who in any other capacity supported us, this past year. In 2016 we reached a new milestone, having delivered more than 2,000 pajamas to children and young adults receiving cancer treatments in hospitals away from home.

We would also like to give a special thanks to Bay Ridge Cares, “an organization of neighbors dedicated to making our community a better place by doing all the good we can, in all the ways we can, for as many as we can”, for collaborating with us in an incredibly successful, community-wide fundraiser! With drop-off locations in six central Bay Ridge spots, the generosity and concern of the community, and the superb organizing power of Bay Ridge Cares, the organization collected a total of 336 pairs of pajamas, which were donated not only to PJ’s for Patients but also to the children and teens of several local domestic violence shelters.

Here’s the jackpot, 336 pairs of children’s and teens pajamas collected by Bay Ridge Cares and its supporters! We are so proud of and grateful for our community!


PJ4P wishes you the healthiest, happiest, and most comfortable 2017. As always, please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us or learning more!


Thanks, Fort Hamilton High School!

Happy almost-December!


Fort Hamilton High School, which happens to be the second largest high school in New York, just wrapped up an incredibly successful fall fundraiser for PJ4P! Headed by the student-run Leadership Club, Fort Hamilton collected 100% cotton pajamas, all to be donated to children and young adults receiving pediatric cancer treatments in NYC hospitals, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, our first and oldest partner, and sold our seasonal TP Pumpkins!

Between monetary and physical donations, students collected nearly 50 pajamas! We would like to offer a HUGE thank you to the organizers, supporters, and volunteers of this Fall Fundraiser, especially junior Despina Kotsis, who so independently yet inclusively organized this entire event.

We look forward to working with you again in the future, Fort!

Until then, please contact us if you are interested in hosting a fundraiser at your school, community organization, business, or workplace!

Wishing you the loveliest remainder of your November!

Narrows Botanical Garden Fall Festival


14724064_1117130901717186_1201229672_oEarlier today, PJ’s for Patients made its second annual appearance at the Narrows Botanical Garden Fall Festival, a day of community building and collaboration for local organizations, businesses, and artisans in the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn area!

We wanted to thank everyone who came out to support us today, both community members who purchased a pumpkin and contributed to our fundraiser, made a donation, or simply stopped to learn more about who we are as an organization, as well as our volunteers! A special thanks to our local Girl Scouts troops for helping to make our TP pumpkins, as well as to Anna for making the rest and organizing our work with the Holy Cross troop! Another shout out goes to our event volunteers: Athina and her daughters Laina and Lillym as well as Liz and her son Preston, all of whom are active and passionate community members whose support has been so influential to PJ4P not only today, but in preparation for this and other events, and throughout the years. As always, it is so inspiring to see members of the community- especially young adults- who genuinely care about causes and enacting passion and change in their communities. These are the people who sustain our, as well as a score of other, community-based initiatives. Thanks so much to them!

Overall, the event was incredibly successful in raising awareness and funds to benefit the purchase of pajamas for pediatric cancer patients receiving treatments in hospitals away from home. As always, we ask that you please contact us if you are interested in becoming more involved- holding a fundraiser, engaging in a community collaboration, or simply learning more about us!

Laina and Lilly with out pumpkins!

Happy Fall: Salutations & Announcements!


Hello friends of PJ4P!

We hope you’ve enjoyed your autumn thus far! PJ’s for Patients has been busy organizing two exciting fall events, one underway and one upcoming! We are currently collaborating with Fort Hamilton High School in an ongoing PJraiser, where Fort community members will be encouraged to donate pajamas, toys, books, films, video games, crayons, and other items to benefit the children and young adults receiving cancer treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. We thank Fort Hamilton for their enthusiasm and participation, and we’ll be back with updates about that soon!

Our other exciting piece of news is about the upcoming Narrows Botanical Gardens Fall Harvest Festival, which will take place this coming Sunday, October 9th, from noon to 5:00 P.M. at the Botanical Gardens in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn! Last year, we sold our pumpkins (made from toilet paper and recycled fabric!) and engaged with community members by spreading the word and answering questions about PJ’s for Patients. It was an incredibly successful and beautiful day, and we look forward to it this weekend! Check out this poster by the Botanical Gardens for more information about the Fall Harvest Festival.

Thanks for reading; hope to see you on Sunday! 🙂

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

A throwback to our September 2014 delivery to This Star Won’t Go Out, an amazing charity that provides financial support for families dealing with childhood cancer and friend of PJ4P!

As we return to school, work, and our other yearly engagements, please remember that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness of something that effects tens of thousands of children and young adults in the U.S. and around the world each year. PJ’s for Patients aims to make the experience of pediatric cancer a little more comfortable, and we try to be especially active during September/the fall season, when childhood cancer should receive the attention it so needs and deserves (it always does, but ESPECIALLY during this time specifically dedicated to it).

Please send us a message through our Facebook page if you’d like to become more involved by hosting a fundraiser! Also, we have an adorable 1 day-old Instagram account that you can follow for regular updates about what we’re up to!!! A follow @pjsforpatients on Instagram and a like at PJ’s for Patients on Facebook would be much appreciated. Have a great month, and remember to GO GOLD for pediatric cancer!!

Summer 2016

Happy August!


Apologies for several months without posts; after dealing with some technical difficulties with our site, we are back up and running and ready for an incredibly productive  fall!

Your friends at PJ4P hope that you’ve enjoyed your summer so far. We’ve had several exciting events and updates since you’ve last heard from us!

  • As of the beginning of April, PJ’s for Patients held its first collaboration with Smith College in our first PJ4P fundraiser in Northampton, Massachusetts! We worked with Smith’s Res Life student leadership to engage in a campus-wide penny wars fundraiser with the goal of raising enough money to purchase one pair of pajamas per house. The rules for penny wars are simple; each penny counts as a positive point, and each coin or bill of higher value is worth increasingly greater negative points. House teams can sabotage other house’s stashes of change by placing nickels, dimes, quarters, or bills into their collection jars. We’ve found penny wars an effective and fun way of raising money on a college student’s budget; they encourage friendly competition while collecting just a little bit of monetary donation from each student and helping to spread awareness of our cause in an enjoyable way! Our fundraiser lasted for all of April and worked with houses on every area of campus, a great success! Thanks to Res Life for your enthusiasm and cooperation in planning our fundraiser!
  • On Friday, May 6, PJ4P had our first visit to Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts! We dropped off a pajama donation for their pediatric oncology inpatients. We’d like to say a HUGE thanks to Betsey and Jessie from the hospital’s Child Life department for organizing the drop-off, as well as to the Smith College students who participated in the fundraiser that made the delivery possible!
  • This July, PJ4P made a delivery to our oldest friend, the Pediatrics Department of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center!

We wish you the best as the summer comes to a close, that you cherish this time with loved ones and appreciate the soon-to-be changing of the seasons. We thank you for your support and look forward to keeping you updated with our endeavors in the near future!


Athena Sofides, PJ4P Founder

February Festivities


Happy Valentine’s Month!

Daisy Troop 2397 and Brownie Troop 2736, our Brooklyn Girl Scout friends, hosted their second annual winter pajama party last week at their Valentine’s Day meeting! Along with participating in an adorable photoshoot with our mascot, PJ the Sock Monkey, the scouts brought in donations of new, 100% cotton pajamas to benefit the children and young adults receiving cancer treatments in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Pediatrics Department.

PJ4P would like to give our massive thanks to the Holy Cross Girl Scouts, as well as to Mrs Kali Gabriel, who organized the event!

Our DGK fundraiser is still on and doing extremely well- we would like to say a special thanks to Mrs Petalas for her unending support in making this collaboration a success.

Have a lovely day, and as always, please contact PJ4P, either in a comment, on Facebook, or at asofides@smith.edu, if you would like to organize a collaboration!